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The woman behind the lens

Local photographer Alisha Neubauer, who has been behind the lens for decades, has an exceptional eye for family, maternity and lifestyle imagery. She likes to get to know the families or people she’s going to photograph so that she can get the perfect setting. She takes time to research the perfect sunlight or the perfect time to set up her location and when her images will give her customers exactly what they were looking for and more. She has also been featured in a magazine called Cottage Life where she received a 2-page spread on Cottage Moments.

Instagram Posts Show How Talented She Is

As you can see through her Instragram posts @LushPhotograghy her two favorite people to photograph are her beautiful children. They will always have these images to cherish for years to come thanks to their moms’ keen eye for beautiful photos.

A Loyal Customer

As a loyal customer of Alisha’s, at Lush Photography, I can say she is always pleasant and professional and playful. She knows how to keep the kids interested and to always make them smile just as you hear the click of the camera. I am forever thankful for the photographs she has taken of my girls.

For more information and how you can connect with Alisha please visit Lush Photography

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  1. MY GIRL! She took my newborn lifestyle photos of my son over a year ago and I’ve used her for everything ever since!
    She has helped me so much with my business and I truly can’t thank her enough for all that she’s done for me ❤️

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