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How tough and crazy has your last 6 months been! Covid has definitely put a wrench into things for a lot of people! I know my life was completely impacted by Covid. I lost my day job resulting in no income, I was home everyday, and I am certain my partner was thinking “can you just go out somewhere?” LOL, I had the kids home all day trying to teach them the online curriculum and they are in French immersion school…. I do not speak or pretend to know any French. But in light of it all I was able to open another business and continue to work on this blog site. 


I do want to say first that I am lucky to have the partner that I do. She continues to get up each day and goes to work and she does not complain. She puts in long hours and then comes home to me as I act like a lost puppy wagging my tail waiting for her to get home so I can have some adult interaction. Meanwhile she just wants to sit and say nothing and unwind from her thankless job. She has put up with my covid craziness for far too long. We have made a lot of changes at home with just the single income but at the same time our kids have not and wont feel that impact. They get more time with us and each other and I am grateful for that.

I am researching and job hunting everyday for something a little more permanent but until I land something, I will continue to work on what I do have.

Shananigans Shirts was just something I thought of one day. I love concerts and music and movies and being a mom and a (future) wife. So I created and designed the site


I thought for sure it would take off and make me instantly rich…. boy was I wrong. Covid hit almost as soon as I went live, and you would think I would have done well because online shopping was the thing to do. People lost their jobs or received salary cuts or did not have anywhere to wear the shirts I sell so it did not do that well.


I have poured hours upon hours of time and money into marketing whether it be Pinterest, IG shop, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, email campaigns…you name it I have done it.


So, here I am now reaching out to my readers and asking you to take a look at the site. I have posted some pictures with direct links. There is even a 10% off coupon right on the site by entering your information to the list.

Happy shopping and I look forward to hearing from you.

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