Shannon Parker Media

Shannon Parker Media

I wanted to dive in a little more in regards to what I’m actually doing and to tell you all a little more about Shannon Parker Media. Sure I have a blog and an online store that I will be promoting very soon and another online store I am still working on but I am also doing web-design, content management, SEO, social media management and technical support for desktops, laptops, tablets and cell phones.

As you know I own this Lesbian Mom Lifestyle Blog which I am using as a platform to tell my story and in return I hope to help inspire others. Blogging gives me a very liberating and confidence building feeling to be able to share my story with you all and it is almost therapeutic.

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On top of LezOdyssey I also own a little online store called

I have an incredible circle of friends and I am often known as Shananigan, someone who likes to keep the party going if you know what I mean, always a good time. is an online shopping store that definitely focuses on shirts but also on other products like: phone cases, travel mugs and much more. Please be sure to check out what we have and if you don’t see something you want please ask and I will see what I can do. My store offers free shipping on all of our products. Happy Shopping!

The first person that hired me

The first person that hired me as Shannon Parker Media was Cathy Vey

Cathy is an occupational therapist in Durham Region and she started her own website using Square Space but soon found she wasn’t completely sure what she was doing so Cathy called me and I went to meet with her to go over what she was missing on her site. I was able to make the changes she was looking for and get her the SEO she was looking for so that she could rank on google search console. I continue to work with Cathy so that we can keep her site up to date. Please take a look at

Another website I am currently working is a hearth and home décor company called Southern Comfort. The owner, Jen Roberts, reached out to me to help with her website. She only had a wordpress shell that needs a ton of work. We are currently in the stages gathering all of the information she wants to show on her website and it will be completed soon.

My father, Gary Challice has recently hired me to create his website of Automobile Art & Collectibles. Nick Smitton of the Durham Liverpool Fan Club recently reached out to me to do a full re-vamp of their website. Please continue to check back to see the progress.

For a complete listing of what I can offer:

Social Media:

  • Create account: IG, Facebook, Twitter
  • Manage account: pictures, content, interaction
  • Keep account up to date: sales, promotions

Website Creation using, Square Space, Wix:

  • Create customers website including 3 pages (home, about, contact)
  • Train customer to update webpage

Update website content:

  • Keep website up to date
  • Add pages, content

Logo Creation:

  • On behalf of customer I will outsource the logo creation using
  • Customer can also order header/ banner for website at additional cost
  • All logos and banners are only accepted when the customer is happy

Domain and Host:

  • On customers behalf I will purchase the chosen domain name and hosting company

Technical Support:

  • PC maintenance
  • Software installs
  • Hardware changes
  • Printer install/ maintenance
  • Network setup


  • On behalf of customer I will outsource the brand creation using
  • All branding is only accepted when the customer is happy

Cell Phone/ Tablet Support:

  • User set up
  • Repairs
  • Updates

**Need web or technical help not listed above just ask?

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