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Coming Out

After Ellen With the recent Golden Globes and Ellen Degeneres winning the Carol Burnett award I figured why not tell my coming out story. She has set the platform for people around the world to feel ok about coming out. Be true to who you are no matter what. I know I looked up to her when I was coming out, watching her shows, reading her books and even finding content on AfterEllen. While I always knew I was different and that I ‘liked’ girls I continued to date boys into my early 20’s. My first lesbian experience however was...

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Becoming a Lesbian Mom

As a little girl I always knew I was different but growing up in the 80’s and early 90’s I didn’t know anyone that was ‘gay’. If anything, unfortunately, the ‘gay’ people I did know weren’t treated very well. I went through junior high and high school crushing on all kinds of girls but always dating a boy. I hid everything about me for as long as I could. I had a baby when I was 18 Fast forward a few decades and a few broken hearts and in 2012 I married a woman. The marriage happened quickly, as lesbians...