About Me

You too can accomplish whatever you put your mind too

I come from a background of logistics, manufacturing and technical support but here I am sitting at this laptop trying to make it as a blogger and a web-designer! Do I really know what I am doing, not exactly, but we all have to start somewhere and I am passionate about learning and personal growth. I have always been kind of a quiet person when it comes to my personal life but I am about to tell the world just exactly who I am and where I come from.

My blog is about me and being a mom, being a lesbian, trying to be someone my kids can look up to and hopefully helping people see what they can accomplish too if they just give it a try.

Don’t stop believing

For the last 22 years I have worked for GM Oshawa feeder plants. I started on the line back in 1999 and a few years after, I moved into a salaried position and I grew from there. I was 10 years on the job when GM Oshawa Truck closed and I found myself unemployed. A few months after losing my job, I applied to the Computer Programming Course at Durham College. I was accepted and at 33 years of age I was a college student. I loved it! That summer I worked at another GM supplier plant and when I applied for OSAP for my second year at Durham College I was denied for having made too much money. I felt defeated and crushed and like I had wasted my time and energy. I was immediately hired on as a Supervisor at the feeder plant I worked for that summer. A few years in, I left for another feeder plant but as the Warehouse Manager. I wasn’t really feeling fulfilled or challenged and I couldn’t stop thinking about school and changing my career so I decided to finish my schooling while maintaining a full time job.

Hard work pays off

So while being a mom and working full time I found an online certificate program with Durham College where I could transfer 2 of my previous credits towards. I signed up to a few online courses and within two years I graduated with a Certificate as a Technical Support Analyst with honors. I soon found myself in a new rewarding and challenging career as an IT Specialist in yet another GM feeder plant. I have been with this company for 6 years and my title is now IT Supervisor but with the announcing of GM Oshawa Car’s closure I found myself once again unemployed. As soon as we found out about the upcoming plant closure I once again decided I needed to broaden my skill set and I found another online certificate that I found interesting. This time I fast tracked and worked hard every day while working full time and being a mom to 4 wonderful kids. Within six months I completed the online certificate program with Durham College for Web Creation and Design.  

As soon as I completed the program I heard about an online self-learning platform called Udemy. I signed myself up for a handful of courses and I am constantly learning and trying to better myself. If you ever thought about making a change in your life now is the time. Don’t be afraid, challenge yourself, be the change you want to be. If I can help just one person make a difference in their life I have succeeded.

Setting attainable goals

I have purchased 2 of my own domains, helped several people with their websites to rank on Google and helped with social media marketing to get them noticed. I am continuing to learn and grow as a web designer, blogger, media marketing manager and it feels great! I can finally say I love what I do and I feel challenged and appreciated every day. I am able to be at home for my kids when they need me and I have more freedom to be the parent I want to be while working. Set goals for yourself, keep them small and attainable and once you have accomplished those goals set a few more. Challenge yourself, learn, inspire and be whoever you want to be. I know I will succeed because I am passionate about what I do.

You can too!

If you want to connect, reach out to me: Shannon@LezOdyssey.com